About Us

Multeps Solar Inc. is your Solar Panel Installation specialist with years of experience in Solar Energy Systems design, engineering, procurement and construction across Ontario. Our team consists of professional structural and electrical engineers, licensed electricians, passionate system designers and the most caring installers. This makes us an ideal partner for development and construction of your custom-built Solar Energy project for your home, cottage, or a commercial rooftop. 

If you are looking for help with a Solar Energy Project, you are in the right place. Look no further! We believe and love the idea of sustainable energy future. We also believe this energy can be cost-effective. We love our work and are very passionate about the idea of harvesting and using Solar Energy – the most clean and abundant source of energy available to us! 

Over the past 11 years we focused on developing Solar Energy projects such as pool water heating and photovoltaic systems design and installation. We proudly say that we have become experts in the field of Solar Energy Systems design and construction. If you are considering to install, to remove or service your existing Solar Energy project please kindly begin by filling out the form below or call us today. Thank you!

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